For several years, the PPR (polypropylene random copolymer) is the alternative to the use of other materials in the sanitary systemst to transport of hot and cold fluids. The chemical-physical characteristics of the polypropylene and the type of joining of the different elements, by welding fusion, to ensure plants realized a perfect seal and security over time because it is a excellent product.
Polypropylene is a material among the safest because it does‘t transfer smells or tastes, or toxic and chemical substances for water. It isn’t toxic, hygienically perfect and is harmless because it doesn‘t erode, it doesn’t splinter and shatter. The polypropylene is eco-friendly in all effects since it doesn’t produce solid, liquid and gaseous residues.
The Polypropylene Random Type 3 guarantees a lifetime of the plants for more than 50 years. The pipes and fittings in polypropylene tecnitherm distribution system , realized according to regulations DIN 8077-8078,it is particularly suitable for the realization of:

  • distribution systems of hot and cold drinking water in civil and industrial sector
  • conveyance of drinking and calcareous water, oils and corrosive liquids, liquid food in the industrial sector after verification of the compatibility with the table of the chemical resistance.
  • heating systems
  • conditioning system

The PP-R TECNITHERM system offers a high quality and reliability components. Our flagship color is green, but we are able to provide high customization in color, based on the specific needs of each client.
Our products have been designed to be used both in civil and industrial field, as well as for food fluids transport.
The TECNITHERM brands offers a wide range of pipes and fittings, diameter from 20mm up to 110mm. The metal insert is used for the threaded fittings of our production and ensures the highest degree of safety and reliability as it is in OT58 brass, machined, heat treated to ensure a maggiora resistance and flexibility to the stresses and finally nickel. Our inserts are characterized by the typical side machining “dovetail” which makes it impossible to the part of break free as a result of the plastic molding.
The TECNITHERM also produces different technical fittings designed to answer the most particular and applications designed to save on time and costs of installation. Of these articles, are part of the saddle fittings, collectors and special modules
The pipes and fittings of our system shall comply with the health measures required by the circular of the Ministry of Health n. 102 of 02.12.1978 about plastics intended to come into contact with drinking water and potable. In March 2000, the TECNITHERM brand has achieved the ISO 9002 quality certification.

all our POLIPROPILENE Line is available in 3 colors: